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Physiotherapy Services

I am a licensed physical therapist with an extensive history as a physiotherapist practicing for nearly thirty years.  I am certified through the North American Institute of Manual Therapy as a Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist.  I have numerous other post-graduate courses in concussion rehabilitation, myofascial release, and craniosacral therapy.  

My area of interest is in the treatment of chronic pain.  I have a multi-faceted, holistic approach and may use techniques ranging from  joint manipulation to acupressure to EMDR.  In addition I will likely teach you some yoga poses, mindful practices, and therapeutic exercises. 


 If you suffer from chronic conditions such as: migraine headaches, whiplash, low back pain, sports injuries, or repetitive strain and have not found solutions, I would be happy to chat with you.  I am available for online appointments or in-person.  


I practice at MotionWorx in Kelowna, BC.

1810 Gordon Dr. #203, Kelowna, BC V1Y 0E2

I am available Mondays and Tuesday evenings.  

Call 778-478-9679 (WORX)

Online appointments through Zoom  

Send me an email and we can chat about whether I can help you.  You will need a webcam, cell phone, or tablet with camera.  Appointment times last approximately one hour.  Fee must be paid in advance.


Brett J. Wade, PhD, PT.

Physiotherapy Videos

Stiff Hips

This video is a helpful, informative for anybody who is experiencing stiff hips.  Do you struggle putting on your shoes and socks?  Are you concerned about arthritis affecting your hips?  Did you know that stiff hips can be a major source of low back pain?  In addition to learning a bit about hip anatomy, the exercises in this video will help you, at least, maintain the amount of motion you have and possibly gain some more!  

The Proper Way to Engage Core Muscles with the Basic Standing Pose.

Maybe you have heard of "core?"  It is a buzz word in the fitness and health industry.  Maybe  you have even done some core exercises in a fitness or yoga class and really weren't sure why you were doing it?  I often prescribe core exercises to my patients and I too, give instructions for engaging core muscles in yoga poses.  Learning how to properly engage core muscles can be helpful for some types of back or neck pain and it may be helpful to improve performance in sports.  Join me in this video as we explore the muscles of core and how to effectively contract them in the standing position.

The CORE of the Neck

You are probably familiar with "CORE" as it applies to the abdominal muscles but did you know that the neck has a core too and so does the hand and the foot and the shoulder and the hips!  Learn how to test to see if you have weak core muscles and how to strengthen them if they are weak or you have chronic neck issues.   

The CORE of the FOOT

Learn why strengthening the four layers of muscles on the bottom of your feet can help with chronic injuries.  

Stretching: Is it Worth Your Time?

Have you ever wondered whether you should be stretching and whether or not it is worth your time?  This video examines the research behind the three most common reasons people are stretching and whether it is worthwhile.  

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