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Chewin' Glass - The Podcast and Documentaries 

What's with the title, "Chewin' Glass?"

For many years, whenever I would be having a difficult day, I would say to my wife, "I feel like I am chewing glass today."  

It is a graphic way of describing my need to dramatically change my state of mind.  Sometimes I would be experiencing depression or  anxiety or angst and the experience of chewing glass would offer an immediate change of state.  Often, the actual solution, to this state is exercise and meditation.  

In the Chewin' Glass Podcast I interview people who also can relate to that feeling of "chewing glass" and we discuss, in some cases, what they do to help with that.  

The Chewin' Glass Video Documentaries, I explore topics related to exercise, weight loss, fitness, meditation, and yoga.  


An explanation behind the meaning of the title, "Chewin' Glass" and my background.  

Garry McC.jpg

Garry is my friend and fellow "glass chewer."  You will find his story and how he found his, "second wind" inspiring and moving.  


Shri Ananda is an author, public speaker, film maker, yoga teacher, musician and song writer, just to name a few of his skills and careers.  This interview discusses topics such as resiliency, stress, survival, habits, health, life challenges, love and purpose, all weaved into his incredible life story.   

Visit and to learn more. Contact Shri’s office at 878-1899 or


Chewin' Glass - Documentaries

Check out some of my documentaries that range from my weight loss project (Tracking, Trimming, and Training) to other documentaries such as my marathon training or triathlon training.  More to come!

Vlogs and Blogs

My weekly exploration of topics related to Chewin' Glass: Fitness, meditation, yoga, health, and life.  

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